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Specification for Nickel and Nickel Alloy Bare Welding Rods and Electrodes, Aws A5.14-76

Creator: Committee on Filler Metals | 1976-06-01

652 pages

Copper and Copper Alloys

Creator: Joseph R. Davis | Technology & Engineering - 2001-01-01

These particular welding rods are used for braze welding of copper, bronze, and nickel alloys. Their electrical conductivity is about 25% IACS; thermal-conductivity values are about 30% of those of copper. Copper-zinc filler metals cannot be ...

Publisher: ASM International

About this book
This handbook is a comprehensive guide to the selection and applications of copper and copper alloys, which constitute one of the largest and most diverse families of engineering materials. The handbook includes all of the essential information contained in the ASM Handbook series, as well as important reference information and data from a wide variety of ASM publications and industry sources.

17 pages

Specifioation for Nickel and Niokelalloy Pare Welding Rods and Electrodes

Creator: American Welding Society, AWS Committce on Filler Metal | 1969


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