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Acetylene Journal

Acetylene - 1921

PACKED IN BROWN DRUMS shipments will be made direct to consumer. Some desirable territory for a ... H: Submit description and if possible samples ( preferably 6 inches long) of welding rods or electrodes used. 3. How do you ascertain ...

Welding Engineer

Welding - 1922

"RACO 99 Electrodes I Wires -RACO" MILO STEEL WELDING WIRES. Current Welding Literature POSSIBILITIES IN PIPE WELDING, by F. K. Davis— In piping contractor's shop fittings formerly requiring expensive patterns are made from ...

290 pages

Popular Mechanics


This can be avoided by holding the thick and thin welding rods in the same holder, and the one described can be made from scraps. An : iron rod !/4 in. in diameter, is heated and bent to form one jaw of the clamp, the other being made from a ...

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TIG Rods / MIG Wire - Electrodes | Emery Welding Supplies
Welding aluminum is harder than welding steel. Why? Because everything that can go wrong on steel is magnified times 10 when you are Tig welding aluminum.

HDPE Welding Rods - Plastic WELD ROD - Order Online
HDPE Welding Rods are available from Professional Plastics in both coils and straight lengths. The most important element to successful thermoplastic welding is the ...

Inconel, Titanium, Stellite Welding Alloys, TIG, MIG ARC Rods
Weldtool Technologies Incorporated specializes in the supply of exotic and hard to find welding wire and filler rods to the welding industry.

Types of Different Welding Rods | eHow
You May Also Like. Types of Welding Electrodes. There is a vast variety of welding electrodes, each differing depending on the task it is meant for and how it affects...

Welding Rods for Maintenance Jobs - Welding ...
What are Maintenance Welding Rods? Maintenance rods are for those jobs when you dont know exactly what you are welding. You know its some kind of steel but you dont ...


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