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Welding engineer

Creator: American Welding Society | Technology & Engineering - 1922

rods used for this work is that of ordinary grey cast iron, the silicon content of which should be relatively high and the ... The most popular bronze welding rods are the manganese and Tobin bronzes. They are used for welding bronzes ...

Welding Journal

Creator: American Welding Society, Welding Research Council (U.S.) | Technology & Engineering - 1922

If these can be replaced, the cast iron will not be injured. This can be done at least partly by making the welding rods of proper composition. Of course a welder gets all kinds of cast iron to work on. But an average grade of good ...

About this book
"Current welding literature" included in each volume.

95 pages

Welding and Cutting, Instructions for the Care and Use of Oxy-acetylene Apparatus and Equipment

Creator: Fred E. Rogers, Davis-Bournonville Company, Jersey City, N.J. | Technology & Engineering - 1921

Adding material, welding rod or filler is necessary to fill the joint and build up the level of the weld flush with or slightly above the margins. Pure wrought iron or low carbon steel wire is used in steel welding; cast iron sticks, ...

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cast iron welding rod | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for cast iron welding rod and cast iron welding. Shop with confidence.

cast iron welding rods | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for cast iron welding rods and tig welding rods. Shop with confidence.

Cast Iron Repair, Cast Iron Repair Rods, Cast Iron Welding ...
Castaloy is a cast iron repair rod that is used to fix items such as engine blocks, pots, pans, antique, figurines, Wrought Iron Fencing, Engine Blocks, Cast Iron ...

TM Technologies - Cast Iron Flux and Filler Metals
Zoom: Welding Flux Kent has searched everywhere for the best flux for welding cast iron and has found the one that gives the finest results. No mixing required.

Cast Iron Welding - Lock-N-Stitch
We want to share some truths about cast iron welding with you. These truths are easy to understand, extremely important to know and yet, ironically, hardly known in ...


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    Cast Iron Nickel Free Rod, 1 Lb

    Home Improvement (US FORGE)
    List Price: $6.99
    Price: $5.14
    You Save: $1.85 (26%)

    Fast freeze characteristics.
    High nickel content with an extruded coating for welding cast iron
    All position electrode.
    general purpose fabrication.
    Applications: shaft build up, machine parts.

  • US Forge

    US Forge Welding Cast Specialty Electrode Iron 1/8-Inch by 14-Inch 3-Pack #02731

    Home Improvement (US Forge)
    List Price: $11.55
    Price: $7.25
    You Save: $4.30 (37%)

    Recommended for joining cast iron to steel
    High strength welding of dirty, rusty, scaly cast iron parts
    75,000 psi tensile strength
    55% nickel content
    For use with wood burning stoves, machine bases, gears, vises, farm tractors, frying pans, pump housings, engine blocks, gear housings

  • VFW

    Cast Iron Oxy-Acetylene Welding Rod

    Home Improvement (VFW)

    Rating (1 reviews):

    awsome welding rod

    0 5/5 just a welder - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Cast Iron Oxy-Acetylene Welding Rod (Misc.) the rod preformed exactly as described, and my boss thought I was genius.simply pre-heat the part to be repaired and the rod, then dip the rod in the powdered flux, then continue to oxy-weld just like steel. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , June 9, 2012
    Can be ground, milled, drilled, and tapped after welding.
    Post heating is not as critical as with NI rod.
    Retains good color match.

  • Weldcote Metals

    Weldcote Nickel 55 Cast Iron Welding Electrode Repair 1/8" 1 Lb.

    Home Improvement (Weldcote Metals)
    List Price: $20.52
    Price: $17.49
    You Save: $3.03 (15%)

  • Specification for Welding Rods and Covered Electrodes for Cast Iron (A5.15-90)

    Book (American Welding Society)

  • WeldingCity

    1-lb Cast Iron Repair Stick Electrode 1/8"x14" Rod Nickel55 Ni55 ENiFe-C1

    Home Improvement (WeldingCity)

    Wire diameter 1/8"(3.2mm)
    For all-position joining and surfacing of cast iron, malleable iron and ductile iron to itself or dissimilar metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, wrought alloys or high nickel alloys.
    AWS Classification: ENiFe-C1
    You get 1-Lb stick electrodes ENiFe-C1 (Nickel55) at this price.
    Core wire: ~55% Nickel plus ~45% Iron (Nickel55), 1/8" (3.2mm) diameter, 14"(350mm) length

  • 4 Castiron Welding Rod Cast Iron

    Single Detail Page Misc

    cast iron rod
    Flux coated
    Arc welding rod

  • Blue Demon

    Blue Demon Blue Demon ERNI99 X 3/32" X 36" X 1 Pound Tube nickel 99 cast iron TIG welding rod

    Home Improvement (Blue Demon)
    List Price: $62.88
    Price: $49.33
    You Save: $13.55 (22%)

    It can also be used for overlay and build-up applications
    Dilution from the casting influences the mechanical properties of the metal
    Due to the high nickel content, the welds are readily machinable

  • Multiple.  Distributed through American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    ISO 1071:2003, Welding consumables - Covered electrodes, wires, rods and tubular cored electrodes for fusion welding of cast iron - Classification

    Book (Multiple. Distributed through American National Standards Institute (ANSI))
    List Price: $107.80

  • Blue Demon

    Blue Demon Blue Demon ENiFe-Cl X 1/8" X 14" X 1 Pound Tube Nickel 55 cast iron welding electrode

    Home Improvement (Blue Demon)
    List Price: $34.72
    Price: $26.93
    You Save: $7.79 (22%)

    The welds are moderately hard and require carbide tipped tools for post weld machining
    A preheat and interposes temperature of not less than 350 degrees F is recommended during welding
    It can also be used to repair castings

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Cast Iron Welding Rod - News

Sculptor Lynn Chadwick's angular metal figures star in a series of ... He developed a construction method using welding steel rods and an industrial compound called Stolit, a mix of iron filings and plaster, and later moved to casting these pieces in bronze, particularly with the Pangolin foundry. To mark the centenary of ...
wallpaper.com - May 02, 2014