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6011 6018 Welding Rod

6011 6018 Welding Rod Electrodes - Bookshelf

524 pages

The science and practice of welding

Creator: W. J. Patton | Technology & Engineering - 1967

The weld itself has a characteristic coarse ripple that might be objected to in work requiring the very best appearance. Strengths as high as about 70000 psi and elongations of about 25% in 2 in. are obtainable from 6010 or 6011 rods.

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Special Report

Creator: University of Washington. Dept. of Oceanography |

Electrode Storage and Drying As indicated previously, excessive moisture in the coatings on the electrodes will adversely affect the quality of the weld, because of the hydrogen that is derived from this moisture during welding.

752 pages

Modern welding, complete coverage of the welding field in one easy-to-use volume

Creator: Andrew Daniel Althouse, Carl Harold Turnquist, William A. Bowditch | Science - 1976

Some of the more common alternating current electrodes are identified by AWS standard numbers as 6011, 6013, 6016 and 6018 electrodes. ... The weld to be made must be made within this current range if this electrode size is to be used .

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What are the best welding rods to use for general or "all purpose" work on regular or mild steel? Use 6010 for DC, 6011 for AC or DC. 6013 can also be used for ...


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  • Shark Industries

    Shark 11016 1/8-Inch 10-Pound 75-Amp to 130-Amp 6011 Welding Electrodes

    Home Improvement (Shark Industries)
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    General Purpose mild steel electrode
    Good on steel castings, machinery parts and construction and pressure pipe
    Deep penetration characteristics
    Mild steel all position rod

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