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596 pages

A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes, A Practical Approach

Creator: John Scheirs | Technology & Engineering - 2009-08-27

Table 17.4 Specifications and performance parameters of commonly used wedge welders for geomembranes (data from Leister) Parameter Leister Twinny T Leister Astro Leister Cosmo Speed (m/min) 0.8–3.2 0.8–5.0 0.5–5.0 Temperature  ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
Geomembranes are flexible polymeric sheets which are used as relatively impermeable liners to contain liquid and vapour. With uses ranging from canal liners to hazard waste landfills, they are used extensively in a range of industries such as water conservation, mining, construction and waste management. A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes: A Practical Approach offers an informed overview of the developments in this field and includes: Detailed discussion of the major geomembrane types Manufacturing methods Key performance properties Industrial applications Testing and chemical resistance of geomembranes Failure analysis methodology Written by a polymer research specialist with more than fifteen years experience in industry, this practical handbook covers the manufacture, use, installation, durability, lifespan and performance of geomembranes. It covers all the information required to enable the reader to select the most suitable geomembrane material for the job. This book is a useful reference for engineers and professionals in industry, environmental consultants, polymer and materials scientists, and government agencies and policy makers. It is of particular interest to those designing, commissioning and operating waste management sites, landfills, mine leachate ponds and water containment facilities.

600 pages

Handbook of Plastics Joining, A Practical Guide

Creator: Michael J. Troughton | Technology & Engineering - 2008-10-17

The new edition of this bestselling reference provides fully updated and detailed descriptions of plastics joining processes, plus an extensive compilation of data on joining specific materials.

Publisher: William Andrew

About this book
The new edition of this bestselling reference provides fully updated and detailed descriptions of plastics joining processes, plus an extensive compilation of data on joining specific materials. The volume is divided into two main parts: processes and materials. The processing section has 18 chapters, each explaining a different joining technique. The materials section has joining information for 25 generic polymer families. Both sections contain data organized according to the joining methods used for that material.* A significant and extensive update from experts at The Welding Institute* A systematic approach to discussing each joining method including: process, advantages and disadvantages, applications, materials, equipment, joint design, and welding parameters* Includes international suppliers’ directory and glossary of key joining terms* Includes new techniques such as flash free welding and friction stir welding* Covers thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and rubbers.

Industrial Fabric Products Review

Canvas - 2007

Canvas Specialty . Baa; Flexible container bag used for transporting grain, sugar, flour, etc. by □F one ton and half ton. Tiger Corp. .... LEISTER Process Technologies Triad* Waterproof/ breathable film. Harrison Technologies Inc. Triad Wedge Welder Versatile wedge welder for in-house fabrication. Sinclair Equipment Co.

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Leister - We Know How
Leister Technologies AG has been the world leader in plastic welding and hot air equipment since 1949. They manufacture air heaters, blowers, automatic welding ...

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Hot Air Welders from Bak: Popular Hot-air Membrane Welders for Roofing, Triac-S, Laron, Bak Rion, Triac, Varimat, Electron

Welcome - Leister Technologies
Wedge welding redefined: Leister's new GEOSTAR welders change the civil engineering landscape.This mid-size, lightweight welder boasts a robust, cast aluminum frame ...

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used plastic welding machines - hot plate welders, laser plastic welders, spin welders, ultrasonic welders, vibration welders

Leister Hot Air Tools, Plastic Welding, Leister Hand Tools ...
Butts of Bawtry are distributors of Leister hot air tools including Leister hand tools, floor welding kits, roof welding kits and plastic welding rods


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    AC220V Tarper TW3400 Automatic Hot Air Welder with 40mm Overlap Nozzle

    Home Improvement (Sign-in-China)

    • Automatic driving and welding start. • Guide bar for easy handling.
    • Warm tips: The tarper hot air welder is 220V, when it is used in 110V countries, it need 3 phase voltage (220V). If you have no industrial voltage (3 phase) , you have to apply for it when using this machine.
    • 3400W Powerful Automatic Tarper Hot Air Welder, Adopting Industrial Connector Plug Available for Worldwide Countries
    • Free adjustable speed up to 6m/min. • Free variable welding temperature. • Made for Thicker PVC and TPO materials .
    • Extra wide 40 mm welding nozzle fulfills international standards. • Heavy weight direct above the contact roller results in high quality welding seam. • Powerful 3400 W hot air blower to achieve the desired temperature and air volume. • Integrated laser beam for easy machine guidance. • Leister hot air gun and welding thickness up to 2.5mm.

  • Lesite

    40MM Silica Gel Pressure Roller For 1600W Hand Held Hot Air Plastic Welder

    Home Improvement (Lesite)

    Silica gel material
    Suitable for Leister hot air gun
    40mm width pressure roller available
    Can be customized

  • Bhoss

    Bhoss 1600w 120v Hot Air Plastic Welding Gun Heat Gun Hot Air Gun Pvc Welder Plastic Welding for Pvc,pp,pe ,Pvdf

    Home Improvement (Bhoss)

    Voltage: 120V
    Certificate:CE CCA
    Power : 1600W

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    AC220V Weldy Foiler Plastic Welder Welding Machine 30mm Welding Width

    Home Improvement (Sign-in-China)

    Maintenance, service and repair: • For safe and efficient working always keep the unit and its ventilation slots clean. • Clean welding nozzle (4) with wire brush. • Check line/mains connection (2) and plug for electrical and mechanical damage. • If the unit should fail depite the caretaken in manufacture and testing, repair should be carried out by an authorized customer service centre using original spare parts
    Description: Hot air Flex Banner welder whose voltage is 220V is a portable and smart welding tool for insite usage. It's widely used for flex banner, tent, pool liner can provide stable output, as the most important element, hot air gun is Leister. The welder adopting Leister hot air gun is controlled by auto-cooling system and adjusted continuously.
    Warranty: • For this welder, we generally provide a warranty of one year from the date of purchase (verified by invoice or delivery document). Damage that has occurred will be corrected by replacement or repair. Heating elements are excluded from this warranty. • Additional claims shall be excluded, subject to statutory regulations.

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    AC220V Weldy Foiler Plastic Welder Welding Machine 20mm Welding Width

    Home Improvement (Sign-in-China)

    Power Consumption: 2100W
    Temperature Range: 80?-530?
    Voltage: AC 220V; Welding seam width: 20mm
    Speed: 1.0 - 7.5m/min
    Air flow (20°C): 200-270l/min

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