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Century Mig Welder - Bookshelf

176 pages

Popular Science


Metallic-inert-gas (MIG) welding, which shields molten metal from air with gases such as argon and CO2, no longer needs sophisticated and costly industrial gear . ... Century says you could weld continuously for approximately 30 minutes.

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

154 pages

Popular Mechanics


Here's an alternative — the Century Portable MIG wire-feed welder runs on two 12-volt batteries. Weighing just 35 pounds, it's easy to tote. The welder can handle anything from 18-gauge to Win. steel in one pass. If you're in the market for an ...

About this book
Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the modern world. Whether it’s practical DIY home-improvement tips, gadgets and digital technology, information on the newest cars or the latest breakthroughs in science -- PM is the ultimate guide to our high-tech lifestyle.

Design News

Industrial design - 1984

MIG WELDING MACHINE IS POWERED BY 12V BATTERIES Portable machine welds steel up to VA-inch-thick in one ... John West, a senior design engineer at Century Mfg. Co., and his colleagues, realized one day that ordinary batteries ...

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Century 255 mig welder - Weldingweb.com
I'm looking at getting a Century 255 mig welder. What is everyone's thoughts on century welders? I like this for $1400 shipped and includes an aluminum spool gun

Century 130 mig welder - Weldingweb.com
Maxus Pro-125 Mig Chicago Electric 90 amp DC flux-core Lincoln Electric AC 225 tombstone O/A torch M/O mini-torch 10 acres of flatland 15 acres of holler

Century Mig Welders - Century welder machine
Century Mig Welders Century mig welders - some models and information. Century MIG welders are commonly available at large home improvement shops I've used their AC ...

Century 90a Wire Feed Welder Mig Welders - Sears
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117-051 83110 Century 110 amp MIG welder (phase-control)
Century Drive Roller Key Set. For use with Mig welders made by Century Mfg Co. Set includes both flat stock and woodruf keys for most welders, use when buying a new ...


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Editor's picks

  • The Lincoln Electric Company

    Century 80GL Flux Cored Wire Feed Welder, 70 amps, 115V AC (Pack of 1)

    BISS (The Lincoln Electric Company)
    List Price: $240.00
    Price: $149.99
    You Save: $90.01 (38%)

    This welder has two separate heat settings and an infinite wire speed control
    1 year warranty on parts and labor (90 days on gun and cable)
    Safe cold wire design, arc is not established until trigger is pulled
    Welding range of 35 to 88 amps covers many tasks
    Can weld 18 gauge sheet metal up to 1/8 inch steel
    Ideal for general purpose metal repairs and building projects
    Can weld 18 gauge sheet metal up to 1/8-inch steel

  • The Lincoln Electric Company

    Century Inverter Arc 120 Stick Welder, 10-90 amps, 120V

    BISS (The Lincoln Electric Company)
    List Price: $321.00
    Price: $213.27
    You Save: $107.73 (34%)

    Comes with shoulder strap, work cable, electrode holder, work clamp, and input cable with attached plug
    Exact temperature setting for consistent welds
    Portable 120V stick welder is compact and has 10 to 90 amp output that supports mild steel stick electrode diameters from 1/16" to 5/64"
    Smooth arc provides strong welds on 18 gauge sheet metal to 1/4" steel
    20% duty cycle at 70 amps allows welder to run 2 minutes out of each 10-minute period without overheating

  • 90 Amp 120v Wire Feed Portable Mig Welder Non Gas Welding Fabrication Welding Set


    Rated AC Input: 120VAC Single phase power
    Torch Power Cable: 6AWG Single Insulation
    Welding Amp Range: 55-90 Amp
    Designed for common .030" to .035" diameter flux core wire
    Perfect for up to 1/8" thick mild steel (do not use on aluminum)

  • The Lincoln Electric Company

    Century 255 Flux-Cored/MIG Wire-Feed Welder, 30-255 amp Output, 230V Input

    BISS (The Lincoln Electric Company)
    List Price: $2,159.00

    20% duty cycle at 255 amps allows welder to run 2 minutes out of each 10-minute period without overheating
    Wire-feed welder provides 30 to 255 amp output to weld a range of thicknesses
    Flux-cored wire feed welds on 18 gauge sheet metal to 3/16" thick steel in one pass and to 1/2" in multiple passes
    Comes with a gas regulator and hose, work cable and clamp, gun and cable assembly, contact tips, and an input cable with attached plug
    Includes nozzle for MIG welding (requires MIG wire, sold separately)

  • Lincoln Electric

    Contact Tips, .030, PK10

    BISS (Lincoln Electric)
    List Price: $11.99
    Price: $9.04
    You Save: $2.95 (25%)

    Includes - Ten 0.030 Contact tips
    Application - for wire feed welding
    Type: Tweco/Binzel

  • Century Wire and Cable

    Century Wire and Cable Right Angle Welding Extension Cord with Pro Grip Safety Handle - 50Ft., 40 Amp, Model# D13308050

    Home Improvement (Century Wire and Cable)

    In Black
    Molded-on 50 Amp/250V NEMA 6-50 ends with clear lighted neon plug and connector
    STW 600V cold-weather jacket resists oil, grease and ozone and maintains flexibility in adverse conditions

  • Channellock

    Channellock 360 Welder's Pliers

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Channellock)

    Used for installation and removal of bushings and nozzle
    Grips and draws out wire, Able to hammer, Spring loaded
    Made in the USA
    XLT Xtreme Leverage Technology means considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage
    Groove Nose design for superior spatter removal

  • HTP

    HTP S4320T-10-15H 10 ft. HTP Replacement MIG Gun

    Home Improvement (HTP)

    Length - 10 ft.
    Fits the following century & solar models: 117-008, 117-010, 117-015, 117-020,
    Item Weight - 3.48 lbs.
    10 ft. HTP Replacement MIG Gun for century & solar MIG welding machines.
    Package Quantity: 1

  • HTP

    HTP 81295-T10 10 ft. HTP Replacement MIG Gun

    Home Improvement (HTP)

    Fits the following century models: 117-076-000, 117-076-100, 117-077-000, 117-077-100,
    Replacement MIG Gun, With gas valve in handle, For century MIG welding machines.
    Item Weight - 3.32 lbs.
    Length - 10 ft.
    Package Quantity: 1

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